How To Claim Daily Lucky Spin

What is Daily Lucky Spin (DLS) in BahtPlay?

DLS is a special promotion avaialble to active member who played at least 1 time in any paid games daily, regardless of the betting amount. 

How to Claim DLS

1. DLS is located at the bottom right of landing page if you are using desktop version.

Pic 1: Pic 1: DLS located at the bottom left of the screen for desktop

It is located at the top of the page for mobile browser or mobile app.

Pic 2: DLS located at the top in mobile browser or app version

2. When click on the DLS (when it is available), the spinner will pop-up at the middle of the screen and member can click on the “SPIN” button to claim their price. 

Pic 3: Mobile and Desktop DLS Spin Button

3. At a successful claim, member will see a pop-up stating the price they have won, be it free spin for slots game or cash price.

Pic 4: DLS Win a price
Pic 4: DLS win a price

4. After redeemed, the DLS will have a count down timer to indicate when the member can redeem the price again.

Pic 5: DLS count down timer
Pic 5: DLS count down timer

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